Marketing Automation Leaders in Asia

Marketing Automation Leaders in Asia

We are delighted to be recognized as a Marketing Automation leader amongst some of the top Marketing Automation brands for mid-market companies by G2. WebEngage is second in G2’s ‘Mid-Market Asia Regional Report for Marketing Automation Winter 2021’. 

WebEngage made it to the top 2 out of hundreds of excellent software products thanks to the encouraging reviews from customers who have loved using our marketing automation platform.

For the past two years, WebEngage has been featured consistently as one of the top Marketing Automation platforms in APAC and India. We have risen in the ranks from the ‘High Performer category’ to being certified ‘Leaders’ in 10+ categories. Here is a summary of our previous recognitions by G2:

Marketing Automation Platform G2 Hall of Fame - Winter 2021 | WebEngage

Source: G2

How do G2 reports impact business decisions?

The Asia Regional Grid® represents the opinion of actual software users in the Asia region. G2 rates products from the Marketing Automation category based on an algorithm that aggregates data from various online sources.

G2 reports are used by product marketers and analysts to evaluate the best technology stack for their business. It also helps understand user behaviour, what experience their peers have had using specific software and draw a comprehensive comparison before onboarding a new technology stack.

 Mid Market Asia Grid for Marketing Automation Software | WebEngage

Source: G2

There has been a tremendous growth of mid-market organizations in the Asia region. The year, 2020, left a mark with the pandemic and was pivotal for many businesses to accelerate their digital journey. Brands needed to humanize their communication strategy and leverage contextual engagement to deliver a delightful customer experience. The WebEngage platform has helped hundreds of brands from their marketing campaign ideas to do exactly that by creating powerful experiences with intelligent engagement.

Understanding satisfaction ratings by WebEngage customers:

Customer satisfaction is one of the major reasons why WebEngage has been consistently crowned as a Marketing Automation Leader. G2’s satisfaction ratings come from the comprehensive reviews given by WebEngage customers. The stellar satisfaction ratings serve as validation of the product’s growth trajectory going in the right direction.

 Customer's Reviews By G2 | WebEngage

Source: G2

The enterprise-grade solutions of the world are heavy-duty, high-touch operations when it comes to installation and onboarding. Managing them requires a specialized team who are adept in using the tool and understand unique processes.

With WebEngage, you get the best of both worlds. We have the capabilities and potency of enterprise software solutions while retaining the lightness, ease of use, and versatility in the Marketing Automation segment. All of this, including omnichannel engagement capabilities, and unparalleled customer support is what makes us a marketing automation leader. We offer customized offerings and implementation for industry-specific businesses.

Customer Review - Bharat Bhatia, VP Marketing, Junglee Games | WebEngage

“Technology cannot be a hurdle in itself for brands to simplify marketing operations. We want to continue to demystify this evergreen problem that technology stacks are hard to use and harder to implement,” said Avlesh Singh, Co-founder and CEO of WebEngage.

 Satisfaction Ratings for Marketing Automation Software | WebEngage

Source: G2

What can you expect from the WebEngage platform?

Marketing Automation platforms effectively help you to make sense of the customer data to create high-conversion campaigns. With WebEngage, you get a unified customer view of your users to create hyper-personalized omni channel marketing using 10+ channels. You can create and execute personalized journeys for dynamic segments to convert existing users through contextual engagement. We also enable brands to orchestrate conditional campaigns across channels to deliver a magnificent customer experience.

Marketing Automation Platform Experience | WebEngage

Source: G2

WebEngage offers the best-in-class Journey Designer tool that helps you create intelligent marketing campaigns. No matter what digital consumer business you represent, WebEngage’s drag and drop style Journey designer enables you to strike a chord with your customers by engaging them across multiple touchpoints, thanks to dynamic lifecycle campaigns that support cross-channel engagement. We ensure that brands can maintain their continuity in delivering a great experience throughout the user journey. 

Have you tried email marketing with WebEngage, yet?

We are evolving along with our customers, and while we are at it, we want every nook and corner of marketing to be easy for our customers. One of the oldest but still golden channels – Email has acquired more relevance as time spent on devices has seen a spike since 2020.

Email Marketing Satisfaction Ratings | WebEngage

Source: G2

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We saw a 70% increase in Internet usage during 2020, where people spent significantly more time consuming digital content. 

Personalization of messages has traversed from “good to have” to a “must-have” element over the years. Our customers have pulled off fantastic email marketing campaigns with WebEngage that go on to justify email’s vitality as a critical customer engagement channel. 

WebEngage helps a business create Intelligent communication campaigns that don’t bombard users with the wrong message at inappropriate times. Instead, it allows brands to study user behavior and personal attributes to create a detailed user profile and create hyper-personalized communication that adds value to a user’s life and keeps them engaged.

Most Loved Features of Marketing Automation Software | WebEngage

Source: G2

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How easy is it to use the WebEngage platform?

Ease-of-use is another important criterion on which G2 evaluates marketing automation platforms. We pride ourselves on being one of the easiest-to-use tools out there in the Martech domain (also the reason why we are recognized as a marketing automation leader). The amount of depth packed into the WebEngage platform is phenomenal, and we have taken steps to ensure that our users are making the most of it. A 74% average adoption rate (a number that continues to rise) is a testament to our stellar onboarding teams that have worked hard to ensure optimum practical usage and maximum satisfaction.

Ease-of-Use of Marketing Automation Software | WebEngage

Source: G2

Marketers can get overwhelmed with the burgeoning tools and technologies that are available to them. We try to make sure that our platform solves this marketer’s dilemma whether to invest in marketing automation suites or not. 

Customer Reviews, Vikalp Sahni, Co-Founder & CTO, Goibibo | WebEngage

Marketing is always under the unceasing pressure of demonstrating a Return On Investment (ROI). With WebEngage, you can be rest assured to extract maximum ROI in the shortest time compared to competition with a payback period of just 11 months.

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Marketing Automation Software's ROI Period | WebEngage

Source: G2

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Is WebEngage headed in the right direction?

The key to impactful marketing campaigns is to know your customers exceptionally well and craft campaigns that feel intuitive and organic. We have created a tribe of marketers that believe in the power of intelligent customer engagement and its impact on long-term growth. The current iteration of the WebEngage platform has arrived at this point after undergoing several rounds of product updates. We have created an engagement and retention platform incorporating thousands of users’ feedback, which shows in our G2 rankings. 95% of marketers think our product is going in the right direction.

 Customer Confidence in the Marketing Automation Software | WebEngage

Source: G2

91% of our customers would like to recommend us to you, making WebEngage one of the highest-rated Marketing Automation platforms out there.

Likelihood to Recommend Marketing Automation Software | WebEngage

Source: G2

The future of Marketing Automation

The future of marketing is not limited to automation. A full-fledged marketing architecture requires three things, namely, Customer Data Platform, Personalization, and Engagement. We are glad that we can help resolve all three with one solution. It is never enough to sit on a stack of acquired customers. A steady focus on retention is pertinent. Our NPS score is proof of our incessant efforts in changing the way brands thought they could deliver a delightful customer experience.

WebEngage's NPS Score - Winter 2021

Source: G2

If you want to know more about the platform and how it can help your consumer business grow, talk to us! 

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Mid-Market Asia Regional Grid Report by G2

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