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Omnichannel Marketing

Push To Pull – The Ultimate Mobile Push Notifications Guide

Push notifications lead to 7 times more conversions over conventional marketing channels! Mind-blowing right? 🤯

What Is This Ebook About?

This ebook is a guide on mobile push notifications and everything there is to know about them. What are push notifications, you ask?

Push notifications are on-screen clickable alerts delivered by an app or website to users on their desktops, laptops, or mobiles. Anyone who uses a smartphone with apps will have gotten these notifications.

Like many of you, we were curious about what makes someone click on a push notification. That’s why we have carefully curated this playbook, so it may serve you as a digestible guide to all things push notifications, along with a detailed walkthrough of how to smartly build, design, deliver and measure mobile push campaigns.

Where Do Mobile Push Notifications Fit In?

Most of us own a smartphone with access to apps.

As an engagement channel, mobile push notifications are more likely to reach users and get them to interact.

This higher likelihood of interaction improves the chances of conversion.

Furthermore, the proliferation of mobile devices coupled with the advent of technologies like 5G and augmented reality has opened Pandora’s box. To a brand, it means limitless possibilities, but that road to brand supremacy is paved with challenges.

Why? Because users expect a novel, more immersive experience to not only try a brand but, more importantly, stay with that brand. Retention grows increasingly relevant as users churn and revenues plummet.

To maximize revenue while minimizing churn, brands must look to engage and retain. As far as engagement channels go, Mobile Push stands out like a diamond in the rough. They are a simple solution to sophisticated problems like accessibility, reachability, deliverability, and actionability.

From being accessible to actionable, Mobile Push gives you more bang for your buck.

Did You Know This About Mobile Push Notifications?

  • They have a deliverability rate of 90%
  • They boost conversion rate by as much as 7X as opposed to email marketing
  • If contextualized, mobile push campaigns result in a 9.5X growth in the conversion rate
  • Out of the 2 Billion+ messages sent by enterprise businesses that use WebEngage (from 2020-2022), 87% of the traffic was via mobile push notifications

Who Is This Ebook For?

From anyone and everyone with an interest in marketing, like

  • Managers / Team Leads
  • Executives
  • Freshers
  • Students

Why Is This Ebook Worth Your Time?

Because it includes:

  1. A dissection of the push notification universe
  2. Jarring insights
  3. Snackable examples
  4. Creation, design, delivery & performance tracking of mobile push campaigns
  5. Ways to circumvent common challenges
  6. Ideal push times for various geographies around the world
  7. Edgy Use-Cases
  8. Real-world impact stories (case studies)

And more. For Free.

In essence, the comprehensive nature of this ebook will save you time and money that may otherwise be spent scavenging through fragmented, often costly resources. We put together this guide to handhold legacy and new-age businesses and steer them towards a culture that celebrates retention led-growth through hyper-personalized customer engagement. 

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